ICD Business School – BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance

Fully qualified holders of the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree with ICD Business School will be required to complete the following IIPA Modules in order to qualify as an Incorporated Public Accountant:

Professional 2

  • Advanced Taxation.

Students who successfully complete (or are exempt from) Professional 2, and who have two years appropriate training/experience* may apply for registration as a Certified Finance Professional designation.

Final Admitting Exam

  • Advanced Financial Accounting; and
  • Audit Practice.

Students who successfully complete Final Admitting Exams, and who have three years appropriate training/experience* may apply apply to become a Member of the Institute of Incorporated Public Accountants, become an Incorporated Public Accountant and use the designation “AIPA”.

Holders of the BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance who study for the IIPA professional accounting exams will have fewer subjects to pass in order to fully qualify as a professional accountant and can do so in less than 1 year.

* The required training/experience may be achieved pre-qualification, post-qualification, or mixing both.