Become a Student with IIPA

Becoming a student of the IIPA could not be easier

If you are looking for an exciting and opportunity filled career, then becoming an Incorporated Public Accountant is for you. Accountants are always in demand, and contrary to the stereotypes out there, Incorporated Public Accountants are involved in a dynamic and interesting career, with a range of opportunities and great prospects for advancement. Current Incorporated Public Accountants hold a range of positions, including:

  • Chief Executive;
  • Finance Director / Chief Financial Officer;
  • Practice Principal; and
  • Director / Board Member.

Incorporated Public Accountants are working in the public and private sectors as well as the voluntary and charity sectors.

You should start by checking if you are eligible for exemptions. If you do not find your qualification in the existing list of exemptions available, don’t worry, the IIPA operated a “like-for-like” exemptions policy so if you send on details of your qualifications the IIPA will match it against our Professional Qualification.

The annual student fee is just €250. A reduced fee of €100 is available to those studying with an approved college. Exemption fees are €25 per module up to a maximum charge of €150.

Becoming a student of the IIPA could not be easier. Simply request a student application form.