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Study with IIPA - Why Choose Accounting as a Career?

Why Choose Accounting as a Career?

Accountants are in demand, highly skilled professionals. They are required in accounting firms, businesses, the not-for-profit sector, the financial services industry and across the public sector. Employment prospects are excellent and worldwide demand for qualified accountants continues to grow.

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Study with IIPA - Become a Student with IIPABecome a Student with IIPA

So you have decided that you want to become an accountant? If so then your next step is to register as a student with the IIPA. Registering as an accounting student with the IIPA is the first step on your journey to joining one of the most in demand professions in Ireland and across the globe.

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If you have already undertaken undergraduate (or other appropriate studies) in accounting or a related field you may be entitled to a significant reduction in the number of subjects you will need to study with the IIPA. Many of our members who held relevant qualifications qualified in as little as two years.

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Study with IIPA - Fastest way to a Professional Accounting Qualification

Fastest way to a Professional Accounting Qualification

The Institute of Incorporated Public Accountants (IIPA) offers the fastest route to becoming a finance professional. For example, qualified Accounting Technicians may qualify as an Associate Incorporated Public Accountant (AIPA) in as little as 2 year.

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Study with IIPA - Range of Study OptionsRange of Study Options

We aim to provide the most flexible route to your Professional Accounting Qualification. So you can choose between distance learning or accredited colleges. We are also examining opportunities for students to study using elearning.

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Study with IIPA - Get Paid while you StudyGet Paid while you Study

There is a long tradition in the accounting and finance professions of working while you study. This means that the profession is attractive to school leavers, those who choose not to go to college, and those who wish to change careers. See an example of the accounting roles currently available.

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