Quality Assurance Visit

The Quality Assurance visits are currently undertaken by an independent provider. A representative from the independent provider will undertake the review and report back to the Monitoring Committee with their findings.

This reviewer is bound by strict rules on confidentiality and independence in all work with the IIPA.

The Monitoring Committee will then assess the report and provide feedback to the member/member firm. The Monitoring Committee maintains the authority to impose sanctions on the member/member firm arising from the results of the Quality Assurance Review.

The Institute reserves the right to impose disciplinary action on any member/member firm who fails to take all reasonable steps required to ensure that recommendations arising from a Quality Assurance review are implemented within a reasonable period.

Notice will be issued to the member/member firm advising them of the date of the Quality Assurance visit and requesting the member/member firm to complete and return a pre visit questionnaire to the reviewer at least three weeks prior to the visit.

This document must be accompanied by supporting documentation including CPD records, Professional Indemnity Insurance details and other firm details requested.

The Quality Assurance review shall normally cover the following areas, (as appropriate to the firm under review):

  1. Leadership and management of the firm.
  2. Quality of work undertaken.
  3. Audit methodologies in use by the firm.
  4. Systems of quality assurance and compliance with technical standards.
  5. The application of the IIPA Code of Ethics and relevant law; and
  6. Any other individuals, materials or matters that the Committee believes relevant.

There is currently a charge of €600 for the Quality Assurance visit.

Cancellation or re-scheduling can only be allowed in exceptional and unavoidable circumstances. Late cancellations and re-schedules will result in the firm being charged an additional fee of €600.