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Comprehensive Online CPD

Online CPDIt is IIPA’s mission to provide our members with the best service in relation to Continuing Professional Development (CPD). We aim to help our members fufil CPD requirements and more importantly keep up with constant changes in a way that is relevant and convenient to each members indidual needs.

IIPA has aligned with OmniPro to provide an innovative and extensive range of online CPD courses to offer all  our members. We are committed in our purpose of providing the best services to our members and our online CPD is tailored to suit all functions of Professional Accounting.

Whether you are an Auditor who needs working papers, an accountant in practice needing support with constant changes in the profession, or an accountant working in industry needing specific training to keep up with changes in taxation, our online CPD will help you succeed in your Professional life.

If you have any queries regarding our online CPD please contact us.

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