Irish Accountancy Awards 2017 – Winners

Winner of Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR). John Mc Carrick & Associates – The Kenyan Child Foundation.
Congratulations to all the staff at John Mc Carrick & Associates for the dedication during the School Building Project over the last 3 years at St Patrick’s School, Kawese, Kenya.
Well done to all the other shortlisted finalists and winners,
great night had by all.
Anne Keogh, FCCA, Head of Finance and Operations at Pharmapod presents the CSR Initiative of the Year Award to John McCarrick, John McCarrick & Associates.


Irish Accountancy Awards 2017 Prize Winners. John McCarrick President of the Institute of Incorporated Public Accountants, Winner of Corporate & Social Responsibility (Front Row, Second from the left)

John McCarrick, Ciara McCarrick, Mairin Walsh and Trevor Walsh at the Irish Accountancy Awards

John McCarrick, President of the Institute of Incorporated Public Accountants presents the Excellence in Education & Training Award to Aodhdin Casey, Maynooth University.

John McCarrick, Cath Matthews and Trevor Walsh.

Matthews, Aoife Kelly, Karl Foley, John McCarrick, Trevor Walsh and Aileen Mannion

With thanks to the Irish Accountancy Awards for contributing Photos 1 to 4 for this piece.

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