Innovation Between IIPA & CPA Ireland

The President, Mr. John McCarrick is pleased to advise you that the Institute of Incorporated Public Accountants (IIPA) and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland (CPA Ireland) commenced discussions during mid – 2016 on a range of possibilities for closer collaboration of both Recognised Accountancy Bodies (RAB’s) in Ireland.

These discussions have progressed in a very professional and open manner and we have now reached the stage where we have a tangible proposal on which we are seeking member consultation and feedback.

Initial consultation will take place on this possibility for closer collaboration, the schedule for which is outlined below.    


 Date  Location Start Times  Venue
Tuesday, 28th. February Dublin 12:00pm


Beacon Hotel


Wednesday, 1st March Waterford 08:30am


Viking Hotel


Wednesday, 1st March Cork 2:30pm


Midleton Park Hotel

Wednesday, 2nd. March Galway 8:30am


Clayton Hotel


To ensure further consultation with all members who could not attend the events listed above, a communications plan will be developed on the range of possibilities for this innovative between both Bodies.

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