IIPA EGM Notice June 2017

Dear Member

Please see below the formal notice of meeting and all relevant information relating to an Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) of the Institute of Incorporated Public Accountants  which will be held on: –

Friday 23 June 2017, at 12.30pm

at The Horse and Jockey Hotel, Thurles, Co Tipperary

Council has convened this Extraordinary General Meeting to seek the approval of members after their consideration on the proposed special resolutions,

The primary purpose of the revisions is to facilitate the admittance and regulation of Members of the Institute of Incorporated Public Accountants into CPA Ireland , see Explanatory Memorandum below.

In addition further changes are proposed, to ensure the Constitution complies with the Companies Act 2014 and the EU Statutory Audit Directive and other legislation, and, the Institute is an effective regulator.

Council has approved the full schedule of revisions proposed and strongly recommends that members support the amendments and resolve in favour of the special resolutions by either attending the EGM or completing and returning the proxy form below.

Associated documents:

1. IIPA – Notice of EGM to include the Special Resolutions.

2. Proxy Form

3.Document A Memo of Assoc. Clean Copy

4. Document B – Draft Constitution IIPA – Clean

5. Explanatory Memorandum CPA IIPA Collaboration 2017

6. Q and A re Explanatory Memorandum CPA IIPA collaboration 2017

7. Document A -Memo of Assoc. Marked up Copy.

8. Explanatory note on proposed amendments to the MA

9. Document B – Draft Constitution IIPA – Marked up copy

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