The most common entry route into the IIPA Professional Programme is to first obtain an Accounting Technician qualification.

Also potential students may have obtained the Certified Accounting Technician qualification.

Contact us to find out what exemptions are available to you and just how quickly you can become a Professional Accountant.

The IIPA offer you maximum credit for study already undertaken

Our system involves providing “like-for-like” exemptions between the subjects you have completed and the modules in our Professional Accounting Qualification.

Business and Accounting graduates may also be entitled to significant exemptions from modules in our Professional Accounting programme.

Part Qualified students may also be entitled to substantial exemptions from modules in our Professional Accounting Programme.

If you have been studying with another Professional Accounting Body and have been considering a change, the IIPA might be just what you are looking for.

We can provide you with maximum credit for awards you have already received, even if you have not quite reached the final stage, so all your hard work to date is not in vain.

In addition, the IIPA does not place a restriction on the number of times a student may present at an exam. We understand the work life balance.

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