Continuing Professional Development (often referred to as “CPD”) a scheme common to an ever-growing number of professionals (and other employment) that provides a means by which Members of the IIPA maintain and develop their professional knowledge and skills. This is achieved by a combination of formal and informal training. The IIPA has adopted the requirements of International Education Standard 7 (IES 7) and therefore the current CPD requirements are that a member must undertake 120 hours CPD over 3 years, with at least 60 of those hours being some form of “formal” training.

Almost all Members of the IIPA are required to undertake CPD (see the exemptions below for details on those who do not). The IIPA requires this to ensure that those presenting themselves as Incorporated Public Accountants are knowledgeable and competent. This requirement extends beyond those Members working directly in accountancy or finance (and includes Members who are currently unemployed). To earn the designation “Incorporated Public Accountant” requires a Member to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and experience, and retaining it requires them maintain and develop it.

If you are a Member of another accountancy body you may choose to comply with their CPD programme rather than that of the IIPA.

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