Becoming a Registered Auditor – CIMA, CIPFA and AIA

Members of CIMA, CIPFA and the AIA may also qualify. However the education programmes for these qualifications do not meet the current education requirements for appointment as a Statutory Auditor. Accordingly, Members of these bodies are likely to be required to pass the following IIPA exams before being eligible to apply for registration as a Statutory Auditor:

  • Module 7 – Auditing
  • Module 9 – Advanced Taxation
  • Module 12 – Audit Practice

Exemptions may be available from some of these modules for individuals who completed a degree before commencing the exams of their Parent Body, although Students will always be required to pass Module 12 – Audit Practice. Most will also be required to complete Module 9 – Advanced Taxation.

In addition to completing these education requirement CIMA, CIPFA and AIA Members, at the time of application, will need to be:

  • Members in good standing of their Parent Body (this must be demonstrated by a letter of good standing with their parent body);

If you would like more information about becoming a Statutory Auditor please contact us.New Associate and Audit Practice