About Us

About the Institute of Incorporated Public Accountants

The Institute of Incorporated Public Accountants (IIPA) is an Ireland based internationally recognised body of professional accountants, auditors and accounting technicians.

The Institute is a “Recognised Accountancy Bodies” under the terms of section 930 of the Companies Act 2014, and also a “Prescribed Accountancy Body” under section 900 of the Act. We are also recognised under the Professional Services Directive and the Statutory Audit Directive across Europe.

On a practical basis, we engage in the education, training, monitoring, investigation, discipline, and a wide range of matters in respect of our Members who are Professional Accountants, Statutory Auditors, Accounting Technicians and Accounting Students.

This is achieved through the Institutes Key Structures including:

  • Membership
  • Education and Training
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Technical Standards
  • Membership
  • Practice
  • Investigations
  • Discipline
  • Professional Standards

The IIPA was established on 17 November 1981 by a group of Accountants looking for a new way of operating in the profession.

Since those early days the Institute has become an accounting body that supports, develops, and enhances the integrity of the accounting profession in Ireland.

The Institutes had made great progress since those early days and is now one of the six Recognised Accountancy Bodies in Ireland. We are also recognised by the Department of Education and Science and at EU Level through the EU Directives for the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications.